Genie Timeline Professional now 2x faster with new cute design

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new face genie timeline pro 2012Genie9 has launched new design of Genie Timeline Pro 2012 with “Metro Design” style.

I see the interface design looks cool, young-style and colorful. There’s no shadow-like pattern which usually found in metro-like design. But that’s okay, it still more interesting appearance.

According to the latest news, Genie Timeline Pro 2012 is run 2x faster on any machine. The backup software also  supports all Windows Platforms. Learn more

The developer offers Genie Timeline Pro 2012 in three editions: Home, Professional and Server.  The Genie Timeline Pro 2012  software will suite any computer user and meet their backup requirements.

Genie Timeline Pro 2012 offers seamless system recovery that will protect user computer from hardware failures, crashes and viruses with Disaster Recovery. It includes automatic system backup without any intervention and enable to restore  system to any recovery point.

Genie Timeline Pro 2012 is the simplest backup software since the users only need three step of installation. Users can monitor the storage health through their mobile device and receive email notification. Learn more Genie Timeline Pro 2012 key features.

Try Genie Timeline Pro 2012:

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