Further step of Toshiba acquisition on certain WD equipments and intellectual properties

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New further step of Toshiba acquisition has been achieved, marking into a definitive agreement with Western Digital Corporation. Toshiba and Western Digital (WD) aim to complete the acquisition and transfer by March of this year after obtaining approval from the relevant authorities.

Last year, server shipments recorded a certain of increase in Asia Pacific market. This fact highlights the attractiveness of storage devices business in the region. Globally, demand on on storage devices is driven by the increase of mobile devices usage, leading to the diversification of device requiring storage.

According to Toshiba pers release, certain WD equipment and intellectual to acquired includes manufacturing equipment for 3.5-inch HDDs for use in desktop PCs and other consumer applications, plus related intellectual property; and manufacturing equipment for near-line HDDs for server applications.

“Toshiba’s acquisition of assets from Western Digital and the transfer of TSDT to Western Digital are subject to Western Digital’s completion of its pending acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and regulatory approvals from the relevant antitrust authorities,” said the release.

The release added that the purchase of part of Western Digital’s 3.5-inch HDD manufacturing equipment and with it the capability to produce 3.5-inch HDDs for desktop PCs, DVR and other consumer applications, will expand Toshiba’s portfolio and enable the company to supply products covering all segments of the HDD market.

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