Cloud Turtle: Cool free explorer for three major cloud storage services

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free cloud explorer turtleIt seems interesting way to explore major cloud services using free explorer called Cloud Turtle. The free explorer is provided by Genie9, a developer who offering Timeline Cloud, or Zoolz. The Cloud Turtle will bring you to three different storage services: Amazon S3, Nirvanix and Timeline Cloud.

I wonder why the developer use ‘turtle’. As far I know, turtle is a cool-blooded reptile with the longest age. However turtle walks slowly on the ground, far from the cloud user expectation, faster. Maybe the developer really fan of the turtle ninja cartoon?

So, let see the benefit of Could Turtle: It simple, can be changed as users preference. The users can done multi-task operations such as upload, download and delete. Could Turtle also provide multi-threaded download and upload, of course with pause and resume feature. It can be set to auto retry failed tasks in case of a failed connection.

Visit Cloud Turtle developer and download it freely. Learn more about Genie Timeline Professional

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